Partner Testimonials:

Breathe Easy continually proves to my staff and me…their level of dedication to their clients, their willingness to assist those in need, and their absolute competence in their craft. I get nothing but positive reports back from the clients I have referred to them.

- Cole Casey, DUI Attorney

The staff at Breathe Easy give a 110% effort to ensure my clients are well informed and make the right decisions when it comes to SR-22 policies and Ignition Interlock Device installments. Top notch service all the way!

- Bruce Cline, DUI Resource Center

How Breathe Easy Helps Your Clients

For more than a decade, Breathe Easy has helped drivers obtain their SR-22 and FR-44 certificate of coverage so they can get back on the road following an alcohol-related driving offense. We’re dedicated to helping drivers regain their driver’s license. Today, Breathe Easy sells insurance in 42 states, and is Intoxalock’s® Insurance Partner.

Most of our clients are seeking proof of SR-22 or FR-44 coverage. Our representatives are well-versed in finding high-risk insurance plans that meet state criteria, and we’re licensed with several carriers. With our network, we can present your client with many coverage options so they can choose a plan that works best for their needs.
Since we work with many carriers, we’re able to offer your clients a wide variety of coverage plans, so they can choose one that fits their budget and meets state criteria.
We know you want your clients to be in safe hands. Our agents are licensed and trained in state regulations and driver’s license requirements. They’re available Monday through Saturday to guide your clients through all the rules and requirements.
Highly rated
Breathe Easy customers rate us 4.9 out of 5 on*. Our service representatives are here for your clients, not the insurance carrier.
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Frequently asked questions:

What are SR22s or FR44s?

An SR-22 or FR-44 certificate of coverage is a document that must be filed with the appropriate state monitoring authority. Typically, this is required following a major moving violation like reckless driving or a DUI. It shows that the driver has the proper amount of coverage required by the state. This type of coverage may also be called high-risk coverage, and not all carriers are willing to cover these high-risk drivers. Breathe Easy can help drivers find an appropriate plan and file the certificate within as few as ten minutes of finalizing it.

How does Breathe Easy help my clients charged with alcohol-related offenses like DUIs and DWIs?

There are many increased expenses for drivers following an alcohol-related driving offense. Breathe Easy is here to help keep these costs affordable through our relationships with insurance carriers, interlock providers, and assessment providers.

  • Insurance providers: Breathe Easy can help your client find a variety of affordable insurance options that meet SR-22 and FR-44 state requirements. We partner with many carriers so we can help find the right plan for each client.
  • Interlock providers: Breathe Easy partners with Intoxalock, the #1 interlock brand in the US. Intoxalock has more locations than any other provider and Breathe Easy can put our customers in touch with Intoxalock state specialists. These specialists can assist clients who are required to install an interlock with making an appointment and answer any questions they have.
  • Substance use or DUI assessments: Breathe Easy works closely with New Directions Assessments, which provides remote and in-person assessment services for a variety of scenarios, including DUI and alcohol use. Their professional evaluators will provide your clients with a thorough assessment they can provide to the court. New Directions also offers a full money-back guarantee if the report is not accepted in court.
How can I refer my clients to Breathe Easy?
  • There are a few ways you can refer your clients to Breathe Easy. Share this phone number, (844) 280-4909, or use this link
  • You can also request collateral including printed business cards, rack cards, or DUI/DWI state requirements checklist
Do you provide non-owner’s policies?

Yes, in states that allow non-owner policies, we can provide an SR-22 or FR-44 certificate for non-owners. This is often required for drivers who do not own a car but need to acquire a non-owners auto insurance policy and SR-22 or FR-44 certificate. Breathe Easy can provide this and file it with the state.

What states does Breathe Easy write SR22 or FR44 insurance policies in?

Breathe Easy provides property/casualty insurance in all states except AL, AK, HI, MA, ND, NY, RI and WV. Visit to see all license numbers.

Can I talk to a representative?

Yes, our representatives are happy to talk at your convenience. If you share your contact information, one of our experienced reps will reach out to help.

How quickly can Breathe Easy help my clients?

Our representatives can assist with quotes usually in under 15 minutes. Once your client decides on a plan and all details are finalized, our representatives can file the SR-22 or FR-44 certificate within as few as 10 minutes. Additionally, most plan paperwork is emailed within minutes of the initial purchase.

Can Breathe Easy help Spanish speaking clients?

Yes, we do have representatives on our team who are fluent in Spanish. Our phone system will prompt for Spanish-speaking preference and route callers to a Spanish-fluent agent.